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Baepreneur Beauty Bootcamp

Step into HER: Secure the Man AND the Bag

✨July 29, 2024 - August 2, 2024✨

How to Find Love, Build an Iconic Brand, and Elevate Your Beauty Confidence to Build Legacy

Baepreneurs are the trailblazers, you're focused on building your movement AND your Kingdom marriage- because you know they're connected.You’ve been showing up, but you know you’re playing small. You're ready to break through those barriers and step into your full potential. You recognize the weight of your calling—so you can’t settle for just any man or build just any kind of business. You're birthing a movement that will send ripples through the atmosphere. Your marriage will shift the destiny of everyone coming after you in your bloodline—it’s THAT serious.You know that your marriage is connected to your mission and that mission is being carried out by the business that God has gifted you- BUT your progress has been hindered by fear, doubts, and insecurity. You’ve let fear of being seen, doubts about your beauty, and hesitations about your worth slow your building down so not only is your community without the solution that only you have- your marriage promise continues to be delayed.Before we get into the strategy and tactics of growing your business and meeting that man we're going to get into the inner healing and mindset work first because that's going to be the solid foundation everything else is build upon.If you're ready to stop playing small and start coloring outside of the lines [of industry and societal beauty standards] then this 5-day experience is tailor-made for you. We are stepping into our ICON era where we are disrupting systems and culture with the unique solutions God has placed within us.I'm curating a space where we are going to build the brands, businesses, and marriages that we know are our birthright. And it will start with diving deep into the core of who you are. Because I deeply believe that true transformation begins from within. No more playing small or letting self-doubt water your message down. It’s time to break free, step into your full power, and make an impact that lasts generations, because again- it's THAT serious.Throughout this bootcamp, we're on a journey to master the self – from elevating self-esteem and worth to harnessing the power of your unique "it-factor" to build a standout brand. We're amplifying confidence, preparing for love, and much, much more.This journey is way beyond surface-level changes; you’re about to fully embody the powerhouse woman God designed you to be, embracing your roles as both an entrepreneur and a future wife. No more hiding in the shadows. No more playing small. It's time to rise, shine, and boldly step into your sphere of influence.Step into HER: The Beauty, The Brand, The BrideIn a world fixated on superficial "glow-up" gimmicks promising shallow transformations, I'm here to offer you something deeper. Get ready to redefine your self-image, reshape your brand, and prepare for a Godly marriage in ways that transcend the ordinary- because you’re anything but…

Here's a glimpse into what each day holds:

Day 1: Self-Image Rehab

We’re diving deep into mindset transformation, helping you see yourself in a whole new light. Say goodbye to feeling not good enough or not feeling pretty enough—because, girl, we know that God didn't make any inferior models. You are a masterpiece. Get ready to rewire your brain for beauty, confidence, and self-love. By the end of this day, you'll begin to see yourself the way God sees you: powerful, beautiful, and unstoppable.

Day 2: Embody Your Essence

Step into your power and own your authenticity. We're talking about creating an iconic brand, speaking up, and showing the world the real, unapologetic you. By embracing your true self, you'll make an unforgettable impression and create a brand that stands out from the crowd.When you embody your essence—your unique "it factor"—you build a brand that resonates deeply with others, attracting followers and clients who are committed to your vision. Your unique value and consistent, authentic messaging will set you apart, making your business not just memorable but truly ICONIC.Embrace your essence, and watch as your authenticity transforms both your business and your love life. This is your time to shine, to be the woman God created you to be, and to attract the high-level opportunities, relationships, and love you deserve. This day is all about stepping into your greatness and becoming the magnetic force that draws in cash, companionship, & contentment.

Day 3: The Confidence Queen

We're diving deep into unleashing your inner baddie and tapping into the giant within. Get ready to radiate confidence from every pore and show up powerfully on social media with your message. We're done with self-doubt, hesitation, and fear keeping our content watered down and inauthentic. Confidence = Cash.By transforming your confidence, you'll unlock a new level of boldness that impacts every aspect of your life. When you see yourself as worthy and powerful, you'll show up on social media with a magnetic presence that draws in high-level opportunities and those level 10 clients who are ready to invest in your brilliance.This isn't just about being seen—it's about being unforgettable. Your newfound confidence will position you as a leader in your field, attracting not just followers, but a loyal, engaged audience that hangs on your every word. Step into your power and watch as your business—and your life—elevate to extraordinary heights.

Day 4: Beauty and the Future Bride

We’re diving deep into self-worth, self-love, and preparing for your Kingdom marriage. Say goodbye to feeling unworthy or not beautiful enough—because, girl, you're about to step into the radiant, confident wife you were destined to be.Get ready to embrace a profound transformation that elevates your inner and outer beauty. We're talking about the kind of self-love and confidence that not only attracts your future husband but also solidifies your position as a high-value woman. You’re stepping into a new realm where your beauty, grace, and power are undeniable.This day is all about preparing your heart, mind, and soul for the divine partnership that aligns with your mission and destiny. You’ll radiate a level of confidence that draws in a Godly man who sees and cherishes your true worth. This isn’t just preparation—it’s a complete elevation into the wife and powerhouse you were always meant to be.

Day 5: Being the Total Package

Get ready to glow up and step into your full power! We're wrapping up the bootcamp with a bang, focusing on attraction, mindset, and truly becoming the total package. Say goodbye to striving and start embodying your greatness—because, girl, it's no more "becoming," you're about to BE her.By fully embracing who you are and stepping into your power, you'll effortlessly attract the right opportunities, clients, and relationships. This isn’t about incremental changes; it's about a complete transformation into the unstoppable, irresistible force you were always meant to be.This final day will tie together all the elements we've covered, ensuring you leave the bootcamp as the high-caliber woman who commands attention and respect in every room. You’ll walk away with a magnetic presence that draws in high-level opportunities and relationships, positioning you as a true leader and powerhouse in your field.

✨What you can expect to gain from the bootcamp✨

🎉 Self-Image Reinvention:
Transform your self-image and become the magnetic, iconic woman you’re meant to be. Build a brand that captures your unique essence, mission, and personality, attracting not just any clients, but the right clients—and the right man who’s ready to ride this journey with you.
🎉 Authentic Brand Clarity:
Elevate your brand’s mission and message. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself, and let your unique story and perspective shine through. You'll attract clients and opportunities that resonate deeply with who you are and what you stand for.
🎉 Confidence on Social Media:
Eliminate the fear of being seen and embrace your visibility. Raise your voice and share your brilliance boldly, commanding attention and respect without a hint of self-doubt. Your presence will be magnetic and irresistible.
🎉 Marriage Preparation for Baepreneurs:
Eliminate fear, insecurity, and self-sabotage in your love life. Intentionally prepare for your miracle marriage, and remember you're worthy of commanding God's best.
🎉 Embodying the Total Package:
Step into your full power and stop striving to become her—just BE her. Embrace your power, beauty, and brilliance without need for validation.

All of this for just $97—for now.

Visualize yourself as the confident woman who sets the standard, not following others but leading the way. You're attracting top-tier clients, wealth, opportunities, AND the perfect man of God because you know your mission and your worth. By the end of this transformative 5-day journey, you'll gain a fresh, empowered perspective and a powerful confidence to step boldly into your next level. Get ready to embody the unstoppable, magnetic force that is YOU. Stand out powerfully both online and offline. You are the moment.


💕Is this for me?
If you're a multifaceted, multi-passionate woman who is done playing small and ready to attract clients and the man God has for you, then this bootcamp is for you. You're driven and not looking for someone to save you—you just want the cheat code. You want to KNOW that you are a baddie, feel beautiful, confident, and show up boldly both online and in life. If you're ready to step into your power, build an iconic brand, and secure your Kingdom marriage, this is your moment.
💕What can I expect each day?
Each day we will come together at 7:30pm EST for about 90 mins - 2 hours. There will be a Q&A at the end of every session as well as a homework assignment.
💕Will replays be available?
Yes. Each session replay will be available for 24 hours after the session. This bootcamp is designed to help you take action daily to get your desired results.
💕What if I want to work with you longer term?
You're serious and I like that! If you want to go even deeper and truly transform your life, elevate your brand, and step into your marriage promise, then our 6-month She's a Masterpiece Mentorship is absolutely for you. I will tell you all about it during the bootcamp. This is where the real magic happens, taking your elevation to the next level.
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Any other questions feel free to DM me or email me [email protected]

Watch this YouTube video for an even bigger breakdown of the Bootcamp

Meet Your Instructor

As a therapist, social worker, and beauty & business coach, Shaneice Love Jones is all about guiding high-achieving women on a journey to embrace their true worth and unlock their full potential. I get how business, personal branding, and self-development all intersect, and I use my expertise in mental health counseling, relationship counseling, and business consulting to help women thrive in both their entrepreneurial endeavors and personal lives.I've spent years guiding women toward emotional healing and personal growth. My approach is all about creating a supportive environment where you can explore your inner world, break free from self-rejection, and build unshakable confidence rooted in self-love and self-acceptance. This is what allows you to build thriving brands and meaningful relationships.As a Black woman and a champion of celebrating diversity and individuality, I know how important it is to embrace and celebrate your unique beauty. Through my coaching programs, I empower you to challenge societal beauty standards, embrace your natural beauty, and develop a profound sense of self-acceptance and self-love that goes way beyond appearances.At The Glow Up Agency, my mission is clear: to uplift, inspire, and guide ambitious women on their journey toward success, fulfillment, and self-discovery in both their personal and entrepreneurial lives. I'm here for the women who are ready to break through barriers, elevate their confidence, and fully embody their power. Together, we’ll build standout brands and prepare for Godly marriages.

Shaneice Love Jones

Founder of The Glow Up Agency✨